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 Clausehound will help you draft, review and compare contracts by providing tools, clause language and reference materials.

Our drafting tools are backed by a robust clause library containing practice pointers which describe in plain english the effect of clause language.

Clausehound is proud to partner with Ryerson's Law Practice Program.

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Small Business Law Library

Small Business are always in need of documents. Access our small business law library when you need it, and contact our concierge for hard-to-find documents that you are searching for.

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Gap Processing Featured Contract: MSA

Clause-match counterparty agreements against documents in your precedent bank and established standards to spot both missing and extra clauses.

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Clausehound Enterprise

Harvesting the enterprise legal precedent bank into document frameworks, thereby enabling a legal document design process.

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Clausehound Enterprise solution applied to the commercial leasing industry.

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  • InterAsia

    Paul Moysiuk is a Canadian qualified lawyer,  currently managing the Shanghai office of InterAsia Law Offices, which has provided legal services to local and North American enterprises in China, Hong Kong and Japan for over 25 years. InterAsia Law Offices offers a full range of business law and dispute resolution services.

    Chinese Flag China

  • Adam Gellert

    Adam Gellert is the founder of Linkus Group Inc. Linkus specializes in outsourced human resources management for small to medium business.

    Canadian Flag Canada

  • Buhler Duggal & Henry

    Buhler Duggal & Henry LLP is a boutique corporate law firm with offices in New York, the Boston area and Los Angeles.

    United States of America Flag New York, New York

  • Claude Levesque

    Claude Lévesque holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Communication and International Politics from the University of Ottawa and Law degrees (Common and Civil Law) from McGill University.

    Canadian Flag Montreal, Quebec

  • Cobalt Counsel

    Cobalt lawyers and the independent consultants who provide counsel to Cobalt or its clients have in-depth corporate finance, M&A and technology law experience.

    Canadian Flag Toronto, Canada

  • Dundas Lawyers

    Malcolm is a Corporate and Technology Lawyer and Principal of Dundas Lawyers Pty Ltd (Dundas Lawyers). Dundas Lawyers advises organisations on issues of corporations law, intellectual property and technology law.

    Australian Flag Australia

  • Integral

    Integral Stock-Logix is the perfect solution to track your company’s stock options.

    Canadian Flag Toronto, Canada

  • Geoffrey Mason

    Geoffrey Mason Esq. is the Co-Founder and CEO of FastPatentPartner, LLC, which brings you the FastPTODocs product line.
    United States of America Flag Washington, Washington

  • Rob Miedema

    Rob Miedema is a partner and a member of our firm’s executive committee. His practice is focused on Corporate Law, Charity Law, Tax and Estate Planning.
    Canadian Flag Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

  • Reza Ayel

    Reza Ayel is a commercial real estate strategist, consultant and investor.
    Canadian Flag Toronto, Ontario

  • Natalka Falcomer

    Natalka Falcomer is an award winning graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School & Wilfred Laurier University who is deeply committed to increasing access to justice and improving the way the law is practised
    Canadian Flag Toronto, Ontario

  • Jeff Musson

    Jeff Musson is an accomplished entrepreneur with 10 years experience in achieving corporate goals.
    Canadian Flag Toronto, Ontario

  • Mary Childs

    Mary Childs is a partner with Ethos Law Group. She assists businesses and non-profit organizations with wide range of business law matters, including incorporation, organization and restructuring
    Canadian Flag Vancouver,British Columbia

  • Michael Hassell

    Michael Hassell, CIM, B.Com., M.Phil., LL.B. is a trial lawyer at Trial Counsel Hassell and an arbitrator at Hassell Arbitration.
    Canadian Flag Toronto, Ontario

  • Saper Law

    Saper Law is a member of the Illinois Bar and both the General Bar and Trial Bar of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

    United States of America Flag USA

Our Story

Clausehound was borne out of the frustration of onboarding new lawyers and staff to learn how to use a firm's content and knowledge. Determined to find a way to reduce onboarding time to productivity for new employees, the founding lawyers focused on developing an online, standardized content management system to reinforce good drafting principles alongside firm philosophies.

Today, legal professionals and companies use Clausehound to quickly upload and organize their entire legal knowledge and content library in a way that is more useful to the document drafter. The re-indexed knowledge and content sits alongside the document in a fast and responsive integrated drafting environment that it is tightly coupled with your document drafting workflow.