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Ingest your documents in record time, mapping relevant clauses or passages of text against a centralized taxonomy and organizing clauses.


Mass-compare 100s of complex documents using our one-of-a-kind research workbench. Research language via framework, clause type, rule or other relevant subsets.


Leverage our patented analysis technology to identify knowledge gaps or similarities, and make informed drafting decisions.


Access, share, query or review documentation in real-time with your co-editors, and generate abstracts outlining outstanding action items.


High-volume knowledge ingestion and categorization

Clausehound has created technology for structured document analysis comprising of:

  • Parsing a plurality of clauses from structured documents, each piece of text comprising of text, taxonomy and contextual metadata
  • Mapping of taxonomies to provide a vector description of each piece of text, defining relationships between taxonomy and text;
  • Classifying the plurality of text segments by 'cluster', by comparing the vector description of the text segment to vector descriptions of other text and cluster segments
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Scan through your knowledge using our AI-driven research workbench.

'Flip' through knowledge materials and annotate disparate bits of knowledge and content that is mapped against a topic taxonomy and connected directly to your word processor.

Review your focused text segments against 100s of other text segments with similar vector descriptions and in the same categories as the particular focused text segments.

Curate and save your searched knowledge queries and build 'collections' of documents that can be recalled in a matter of clicks.

  • Keep docs somewhere modern - Sharepoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Keep docs in legacy, eg AS/400 mainframes running COBOL
  • Privacy and security by design. Don't save a single word of your contracts with us if you don't want to.
  • Execute your contracts with industry-standard smart agreements
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Make thoughtful drafting suggestions by leveraging heightened analysis

Equip your team with the ability to leverage your organization's institutional knowledge and make educated drafting or editing decisions.

Gain a deeper understanding of your drafting workflows, your document completion rates and the commonalities in concept between your text.

Identify otherwise hidden gaps in your documents, and suggest language based on your own precedent.

Export 'abstracts' of outstanding action items in a matter of clicks, to help speed along closure.

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Finalize drafts at record speed while capturing your team's actions

Using our technology allows for the creation of aggregated information that is easily accessed, shared, criticized, queried, and reviewed, by real-time collaborators who can access and adjust individual sections of the content on research projects. The same collaboration tools also allow users to analyze and develop materials that can be edited at an individual content level by a variety of reviewers.

Share document collections amongst team members and review your team's drafting thought process via metadata to gain clear understanding of a document's evolution.

Track all drafting activity to create 'playbooks' that can be used for drafting standardization and speedy onboarding.

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